Your Market Samurai Glossary Is Ready – Keyword Research

Jun 30 2010

Yay – the In-Depth Glossary is now ready for you! The Keyword Research section that is. Type your name and email address and it’s yours. For free :)

I’ll be updating the glossary and adding to it – the aim being to make it even more juicylicious for you, and to eventually cover all the Market Samurai modules.

So sign up to the mailing list pronto and I’ll not only send it to you for free, but you’ll also get the updates and additions:

Get Your Free Market Samurai In-Depth Glossary: Keyword Research

Ciao and have bundles of fun

PS If you’re doing the Challenge: great stuff! See ya on the forum.
If you’re not on the Challenge, meet you on the Noble Samurai forum as ishabluebell, or on twitter @ishabluebell ;)

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